Speak Your Truth

speak your truth

Decide that you will become someone who calmly and confidently asks for what you want or need.

Can you feel the power in the word decide? Decide means to settle conclusively all contention or uncertainty about something. So, with this decision, you are on your way to speaking your truth and always showing up with authenticity and integrity. We can look at a decision as a commitment, and in this case it is a commitment to ourselves.

You see, speaking up and sharing what is important to you in a calm and confident manner, shows that you value your own needs and wants and that those needs and wants are important. If we don’t value ourselves or take ourselves seriously, then how can we expect the rest of the world to? What you desire and have to say is just as important as what anyone else desires or has to say.

Perhaps you have fallen into the trap of being a people pleaser, or sacrificing what you want because you don’t want to rock the boat or you think there is something noble in being a martyr. Have you ever sacrificed what you wanted because you thought the other person would like or love you more?

Speak your truth, but listen to what others have to say as well. Collaborate and co-create the best outcome, solution or event. Honor other viewpoints, just as you would want your opinions and needs to be valued. Just remember that what you have to say is important.

This is true with your relationship to Spirit too. Spirit wants to co-create with you, but you must be willing to ask and state your needs and desires with confidence, faithful that you are heard. Spirit answers us in ways that we can’t even begin to imagine. What you want, say and ask for all matter. The important thing is to speak your truth.

A powerful affirmation to repeat that will help you speak your truth is:

I value myself, and therefore others value me. I trust that Spirit hears me and that my prayers are answered.

As always, remember, You are Loved!