Soul Growth & Meditation

Soul Growth through Meditation

Are you willing to do the inner work that is required for your soul to grow and expand? Will you create the consciousness necessary to not only know Spirit as an intimate part of you, but to also create the life you want?

Nancy McCleary Meditation Altar

My meditation altar includes statues of an angel and Buddha, crystals that were gifts from friends, pictures of Mary and Jesus and a prayer that we used to say with our kids when they were small.

Soul growth and remembering our true divine nature, I believe, is the reason we are here. Life on earth allows us to have experiences that show us the parts of us that need to be healed or the parts of us that need to change in order to attain higher states of consciousness.

Inner work can’t be avoided once we truly feel the awakening of our consciousness. It is the only way for our soul to grow and remember that which we are seeking; a connection to the divine. It also can’t be done for us-it’s our own personal responsibility.

For me, my inner work truly began when I committed to my meditation practice. I had “tried” for years to meditate, but I couldn’t seem to stick with it. I would use the excuse that I couldn’t settle my mind down, and it didn’t work for me. The truth is, our minds don’t want to settle down, but we must have the commitment and discipline to see our meditation practice through. If you sit in meditation with the intention that you will stay there until you are quiet, you will experience a breakthrough in your quest for a new level of consciousness.

I know that meditation is the space where we can truly connect to the divine; to have an experience and recognition that we are truly made in the energetic likeness of Spirit. It is the space of pure bliss. In meditation, I can lose track of time and space, and feel intense, indescribable love. This is what Spirit is and this is available to all of us!

Here are a few tips to make your commitment to meditation easier:

• Create a sacred space in your home where you will meditate. This is your place for connecting to Spirit and it is only for this purpose. You can design it in any way you like, but consider having a table with sacred objects, crystals and sculptures or pictures of deities that speak to your heart. You are stating emphatically that it is your intention to connect to the divine as you sit in your meditation area. Use a meditation cushion or a comfortable chair that allows you to sit upright. I like to play sacred music when I am meditating, such as the cd Cosmic Hum by Jonathan Goldman.

• Schedule it! If it is truly important to you to awaken your consciousness and experience soul growth, you will make the time every day to meditate. You may have to get up earlier, or give up something during your evening hours. You may have to resist the prodding of the people you live with to skip your meditation…just this once. It is worth it to commit to your soul’s growth and your connection to Spirit!

• Remember why you are meditating. Connecting to The Higher Power – can it get any better! This is the place where you create the life that is heaven on earth. Your soul grows, your consciousness expands, worry ceases and love expands!

I promise you that as you shift your life to be more Spirit focused, your life will change in ways unimaginable to you now.

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