Destiny Card Readings!

Destiny Card Readings

You’ve heard the term “It’s all in the cards”- well it is! I am happy to share that I now offer Destiny Card readings. Destiny Card readings offer a system of divination that gives startlingly accurate and insightful predictions about your future from using an ordinary deck of cards combined with a science used by ancient Egyptians. I love this stuff! The system is a magical combination of numerology, astrology and the cards.

Your Birth Card

Your birth card corresponds to a particular card in the deck of playing cards based on your birth date. We will be able to look at any year in your life and get specific and detailed information about many aspects of your life including love, romance, work, finances, health, travel, legal matters and my personal favorite, your spiritual life. With a few pieces of information- your birthdate, sex and occupation, I can offer you a fascinating forecasting technique.

Alter Your Destiny

Card readings offer you the opportunity to avoid difficulties in your life as well as make choices that will be in your best interest because you will know what is ahead of you and you can make the proper adjustments. You can think of it like driving with your headlights on in the dark…your path is illuminated.

Personalized Destiny Card Readings

I am offering a Destiny Card reading that will be emailed to you for $24.95. Click here and scroll to the bottom of the page to purchase a reading. In addition, I am offering the email-able reading plus 30 minutes of intuitive guidance based on the reading for $50. Click here and scroll to the bottom of the page to purchase the reading and guidance package.