Meditation Will Transform Your Life

This beautiful Angel sits on my altar.

Taking time each day to connect to the Divine will transform your life. That’s a bold statement, but one that is filled with truth. Here are just a few “benefits”!

1- You will ultimately discover that there is more to you than your body. You have heard that before; even Sting sings about it when he tells you that “we are spirits in a material world”, but there is a profound difference between this idea on an intellectual level and having experienced your spirit during meditation. You can actually feel the truth of who you really are in that quiet connection to Source.

2-On a mundane level, that sense of peace attained during meditation can be carried over into your day to day activities. People in your life feel your patience, your love and your joy. You find that things go more smoothly for you because you literally are one with the Universe. You always are and always will be; the difference is that you are able to be more conscious of it.

3-Your intuition is expanded. You quiet the left-brain chatter and tune in to your right brain, the seat of your intuition. More of those “intuitive hits” happen, and that is spirit communicating with you, and it won’t ever steer you wrong. Intuition is a gift and the more you acknowledge it and act upon it, the stronger it becomes and it will come more often.

Many people say to me that it is too hard for them to meditate. They can’t get their mind to be quiet. You may have a chatty mind, but don’t set the expectation that you have to attain “monk status” and be a perfect meditator. Just begin. Meditate for 5 minutes a day for seven days. Then set another goal: 10 minutes a day for another seven days. You will come to the point where meditation is a part of your life with such deep meaning that you will not want to go a day without it. If I can help you in any way with this, please let me know.

Destiny Card Readings!

Destiny Card Readings

You’ve heard the term “It’s all in the cards”- well it is! I am happy to share that I now offer Destiny Card readings. Destiny Card readings offer a system of divination that gives startlingly accurate and insightful predictions about your future from using an ordinary deck of cards combined with a science used by ancient Egyptians. I love this stuff! The system is a magical combination of numerology, astrology and the cards.

Your Birth Card

Your birth card corresponds to a particular card in the deck of playing cards based on your birth date. We will be able to look at any year in your life and get specific and detailed information about many aspects of your life including love, romance, work, finances, health, travel, legal matters and my personal favorite, your spiritual life. With a few pieces of information- your birthdate, sex and occupation, I can offer you a fascinating forecasting technique.

Alter Your Destiny

Card readings offer you the opportunity to avoid difficulties in your life as well as make choices that will be in your best interest because you will know what is ahead of you and you can make the proper adjustments. You can think of it like driving with your headlights on in the dark…your path is illuminated.

Personalized Destiny Card Readings

I am offering a Destiny Card reading that will be emailed to you for $24.95. Click here and scroll to the bottom of the page to purchase a reading. In addition, I am offering the email-able reading plus 30 minutes of intuitive guidance based on the reading for $50. Click here and scroll to the bottom of the page to purchase the reading and guidance package.


Career Workshops

Career Workshops at Colorado Free University

Tap into your own intuition about your Life Purpose and Career path, learn more about your numerology and astrology, and take steps to move forward into the Life Work that you came here to do. This is a fun and interactive class. Start the New Year with Purpose! The workshop will be help on Saturday, January 12 from 1-3 pm at Colorado Free University in Denver.

Here’s the Scoop~

I am also teaching this class on February 21, April 6 and May 14.

Spiritual Meetup Group

Join the Meetup!

For anyone in the Boulder/Denver area, please join me and like-minded spiritual seekers at the Boulder/Denver Life Path to Enlightenment Meetup. On January 8th at 7:00 pm we will be learning about Life Between Lives and Spiritual Regression based on Dr. Michael Newton’s work. He has regressed thousands of people who have memories of their time in the non-physical realms. Melanie Smithson, a certified hypnotherapist trained by Dr. Newton will be our guest speaker.

Monthly FREE Life Work Intuitive Session

Monthly FREE Life Work Intuitive Session

Taryn Scherer is this month’s winner of the FREE Life Work Intuitive Session. Taryn, please email me at to set up your session before January 15, 2013.

3 Timeless Tips to Re-ignite Your Passion for Life

You Can Re-ignite Your Passion for Life

Time takes its toll and we lose the fire that burns within us; the passion that once had us bounding out of bed every day has become little more than the flame on a matchstick. If we are willing to fan some oxygen onto that little flame, we’ll have it burning brightly again in no time.

Here are several steps that will not only re-ignite your passion for life, but will inspire others to check their own inner light and live more passionately.

1) Know Thyself.

Simple as it sounds, taking the time to know yourself on a deep level allows you to understand and tap into your passions. Explore your gifts and talents. Do more of the things that cause you to lose track of time- that is when you are in the “zone” and passions ignite. You do not need anyone else’s permission to spend your time in this zone. Take advantage of self-exploration modalities such as numerology and astrology. You’ll be surprised how much they reveal. There is an enormous amount of value in knowing your true nature and if you have committed to this exploration, you will be burning a brighter flame in no time.

2) Think Outside of Yourself

As we look for ways to serve others and offer our gifts to the world, we can’t help but have passion in our lives. One of the most effective ways to be excited about your day, is to know that what you are doing will help another. Giving our gifts is not draining and allows us to feel energized. It is expansive and full of life-affirming energy.

3) Heal

Let go of emotional wounds. They zap our energy and holding onto these wounds does not serve you or others. We may feel that holding on is justified and we are getting something from it, but the truth is, gripping negative experiences and emotions tightly, holds us back from experiencing passion in our lives. Seek out help to shift this. There are many techniques that one may use to heal. Find one that resonates with you. The important thing is to begin the journey of healing.

Tap into your true essence and find your passion. It’s a beautiful journey worth taking.


The Haunted Toaster story continues

Update: my client’s Haunted Toaster video has been written about on the Huffington Post blog. Yesterday when I checked it, it had 477,147 and it now has over 700,000 views. How’s that for shifting!

The Haunted Toaster

Who’d have thought that my work would have involved a Haunted Toaster video clip, but it indirectly did. One of the most rewarding things about what I do, is that I am witness to people letting go of thoughts and beliefs that don’t serve them. The shifts that people make and the blessings that come into their lives makes my work so fulfilling. Here is an example: My client and I talked about some things going on in his career ( he is a film teacher and an animator) and almost immediately after our talk, this video he posted on youtube two years ago began to go viral. He is now inundated with emails regarding his work and he is a man on a new mission. Check out this video and you can also see his animation work on youtube.

This can happen to you as well. Be open to new ways of looking at life and the support that you get from the Universe. You need only ask and Spirit and your guides will be there offering guidance. Take the quiet time to listen and be on the lookout for miracles- they can be everyday occurences! Here’s to your big shifts!

Your Dream Career

What if I gave you five million dollars and told you that you were then free to create your dream career? All of your expenses would be met and you would not have to worry about money. What would you do?

The answer to that question is a crucial piece of information that can help you reveal your true life work. What you said that you would do just might be the dream that you let go of long ago. The truth is, if you dream it, and your heart is longing to experience it, you have everything you need to fulfill it. Re-ignite your passion and begin to see that you can do it!

Many people feel that they can’t have a fulfilling career and create the money that they need to live. Contrary to that school of thought is the one that says when you are on path and living your life mission, you will be able to make a living at what you love. I believe in your dream career!

Throw away the outdated ideas that don’t serve you and are keeping you from fulfilling your mission and growing into all that you can become. Take one step towards finding that dream career.

You can ease into your new career gradually. Start a business part time and build it to the point where you can transition into having a full time, successful business. The career path that you would like to follow may require research, but it is worth it. Start now to create the life that you have been dreaming about.


Discover Your Life Purpose

Have you discovered your life purpose? What are you here to do? Are you a healer or someone who likes to set up systems? Perhaps you are great at public relations or you are someone who can teach others to be spontaneous and have more fun in their life. There are so many ways to express yourself, to show the world exactly who you are.

If you are experiencing a wake up call to have more fulfillment in your work and in your life, now is the time to act. Choose to make a change rather than let circumstances dictate what your career is. You can create life work that pays the bills and makes your heart happy. If you view your life purpose from a higher perspective, you will see that claiming your true life mission is really about discovering who you are and why you are here. It is about your soul’s journey on this planet and what lessons you are here to learn and how you will grow and expand.

When we seek to truly know ourselves, we realize or remember that we are so much more than a physical body. Our physical bodies are no less than a miracle, but what our bodies house is more magnificent than you can even imagine. It is a spiritual journey here on our earthly plane.