My prayer for Inner Strength

We have Inner Strength because of our Connection to Spirit

Deep, soul writing connects us to Spirit and to Truth. Somehow, Truth works its way onto the pages in ways that we can’t predict. We’re not talking venting here, but really connecting to our Inner Voice; the voice of our Soul through our pen and paper. There are times when we are so filled with doubt about so many things, that we finally come to the place where we surrender and realize that there is a Higher Power that we are intimately connected to. UpI am a divine being until that moment, we have not completely embraced our Truth.

There have been some simple, yet powerful prayers that have come from my own soul writing, and I would like to share one with you. It came at a time when I needed to be reminded of my True Nature. I am a divine being- and so are you!

Dear Spirit,

My power is restored; self-doubt erased. I know where my power lies- with You- and therefore I can no longer have self-doubt.

I am on Purpose, knowing I am moving closer to You.

Self-doubt is an illusion. The Truth is pure consciousness. I simply can’t doubt myself when I am connected to You.