Love Cards Relationship Reports

Love Card Relationship Reports

Past Life, Sexual Attraction or Pure Soul Mate Compatibility?

The purpose of the Love Card Relationship Reports, based on the ancient and highly accurate Cards of Destiny system, is to reveal as much information about you and your partner as possible. Each person has a Birth Card and some have Planetary Ruling Cards that reveal personal characteristics, traits, values and other information about them. The first section of the report details this information for each person. This section helps you understand each other and reveals some relationship patterns.

The second section of the report tells you how the two of you connect energetically. You will find out exactly what “connections” you share and how that impacts your relationship. You’ll learn:

  • what each of you experiences when you are together
  • what areas of your relationship are easy and which are challenging
  • what you may like or dislike about your partner and why
  • how your relationship will be experienced by both of you
  • whether your connections are good for marriage, working together or sexual attraction

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The goal is to enlighten you a little and guide you towards making more powerful and happy choices in your relationships. This report will explain many things about you and your partner, but it is not meant to determine the success of a relationship. The success of a relationship is up to you! It will however, enhance clarity and understanding between two people.

May your awareness of your partner grow, leading you to more happiness and magic in your relationship!