The Haunted Toaster

Who’d have thought that my work would have involved a Haunted Toaster video clip, but it indirectly did. One of the most rewarding things about what I do, is that I am witness to people letting go of thoughts and beliefs that don’t serve them. The shifts that people make and the blessings that come into their lives makes my work so fulfilling. Here is an example: My client and I talked about some things going on in his career ( he is a film teacher and an animator) and almost immediately after our talk, this video he posted on youtube two years ago began to go viral. He is now inundated with emails regarding his work and he is a man on a new mission. Check out this video and you can also see his animation work on youtube.

This can happen to you as well. Be open to new ways of looking at life and the support that you get from the Universe. You need only ask and Spirit and your guides will be there offering guidance. Take the quiet time to listen and be on the lookout for miracles- they can be everyday occurences! Here’s to your big shifts!