“I have been blessed to have met and work with Nancy as a spiritual and life coach. Nancy is one of the most amazing people I have met in my lifetime. She is brilliant, caring, lives from her heart and has a great aproach to life. She is also tough as nails when needed from a coaching perspective and I personally appreciate that while working with Nancy she gives all of the emotional and personal support and empathy when needed but she does not accept excuses and blaming. Nancy has helped me to understand my life purpose and work through fears, doubts, and emotional hurt. I am thankful and appreciative of all Nancy has taught and will continue to teach me. I have and will continue to recommended family and friends with great exuberance and excitement to meet with Nancy she is truly an inspiration to me and a life changer!”
~Sean E., Denver, CO

“My session with Nancy was AMAZING and totally bang on. In addition to numerology and cards of destiny, she channeled almost the last half of call and that too was incredible – and so on par – and so good for me. Woohoo. I am even looking forward to my “homework” that will make my path even clearer for me. Thank you so much Nancy!”
Carla D., CA

“My session with Nancy was life altering. Her gift to the world is the ability to channel Source Energy. If you don’t want to shed your pitiful self, don’t schedule a session with Nancy, because It takes faith and bliss-cipline to rise to your greatness. There truly are no words to describe my experience in having a conversation with Source Energy… the message was received in Love and I remain forever grateful and humble.”
~Meardis W., Denver, CO

“My session with Nancy was an excursion into deeper insights about myself, explored with humor, love and support. I’m still processing the mountain of info received, but our time together served to connect the dots of past, puzzling events and illuminated possible paths that had been just below my conscious knowing. Time well spent with a true natural intuitive – Nancy has a finesse for operating back and forth between modalities (channeling/numerology/astrology, etc.) as needed to communicate the information she receives in the most understandable way possible.”
~Lisa G., Boulder, CO

“My recent session with Nancy was amazing and awe-inspiring. I was empowered through my experience with her to make changes in my life and developed a completely new level of understanding about who I am in the world as a result of the process I went through with her. I highly recommend Nancy as someone who can help you connect with your higher self, leading to the discovery of your true purpose.”
~Darla D., Lakewood, CO

“Dearest Nancy, Thank you so much for using your gifts to help me. I feel enlightened and hopeful! You are a wonderful woman and happy you can share your gifts with others. We’ll keep in touch.”
~Lisa W., Highlands Ranch, CO

“You channeled for me a couple of years ago and I would like to give you an update. When we spoke, you told me that I was searching and I would find the prize, but it would be so big I wouldn’t be able to see it at first. You told me that I would have a period of looking and increasing frustration, but it would come to me and I would know when I had found it. That was almost 3 years ago. I kept my eyes open for an opportunity to create enough income so my partner would be able to retire and we could help other people do the same.

Recently, I was given a look at an opportunity to start a business. I thought it looked great but I didn’t really understand what it was offering. I was asked to go to Houston and meet with the number one income earner in the world in this business. I went there and was sitting in his private office when he started showing me what I was going to do financially and how I could help others do the same. You told me that I would be able to lead others to victory if they could look beyond their distractions and simply believe. This man said, “This is so big you won’t be able to see it so I am going to show it to you a piece at a time.” Suddenly my eyes began to tear and everything you told me slammed back into my thoughts. He was using the exact same words you had told me years ago! He said, “You will lead others successfully because they will believe” I knew then that this was what you had promised me and that my partner and I had finally found the prize.

That was a little over a month ago and I have already replaced my income! My partner and I are looking to retire within the next 2 years. We have already helped several people who are quickly on the way to doing the same and many more to come.

Nancy, your words came true exactly the way you said they would.

Thank you so much for your inspiration and guidance!”
~R. Sutton, RN, LHRM, PhD, FL

“My session with Nancy was of tremendous value to me. I found myself in a place where the usual remedies and solutions to the usual problems weren’t working, and I needed a fresh perspective. Nancy and her guidance provided that, by targeting the core issues I faced and by offering another way to look at the issues that were keeping me confused and ‘stuck’. My session was a combination of guidance, conversation, information and some practical tools I knew I’d be able to use in transforming some vexing professional and personal situations. One of my issues was an inability to connect to a wider audience with my creative work. After my session, (in fact, the day of the session) a video I’d posted online went viral, and I felt the change in my circumstances and in my energy immediately. In my session, I was looking to remove some serious blocks, and the results I got were instantaneous. I know the events transpiring now were triggered by my hour with Nancy, and I’m grateful for her assistance and for her insights. I hope her work helps others in similar ways, but I have the feeling it already has.”
~Richard G., New York, NY

“After participating in Nancy’s class and one-on-one session, I experienced a better understanding of my path forward to making more satisfying career choices. Thank you, Nancy, for validating where I have been and all your encouragement and support as I move towards my highest and best career!”
~Mimi P., Denver, CO 

“The energy that comes through Nancy’s channeling is non-judgmental, loving and helpful. I felt understood and accepted, and came away with some great, easy tools to use.”
~Carla H., Redwood City, CA

“Nancy is amazing. I felt so connected with Spirit while having my reading. There was much clarity for me. I continue to knock on Spiritual doors. Also, she did an “I See Your Dream Job” class for a group of friends and myself which was phenomenal. It helped so many of us to understand where we are and where we may be going.”
~Debi H., Denver, CO

“I want to thank you SO much for the amazing session you provided for both me and my husband. It was my first time actually having a channeling session done, and you made it so comfortable for me. It was truly an amazing experience, and it really helped me get to the core of what I was really asking – or rather, what was blocking me from seeing the answer to what I was asking. I feel so much clearer now, already, after just one session, and I have seen a much lighter, clearer presence in my husband, too, since he had the session with you as well. I feel both of us benefitted so much from your work, and I want to tell everyone who is even thinking about trying a session with you to go for it! Thanks again.”
~Becky R., Walnut Creek, CA

“I have been wanting to change careers for a long time. In our first session Nancy was able to name the type of work for which I had been longing. By naming it she also gave it definition and I suddenly felt I had permission to pursue it. This session totally validated my desire and gave me momentum to move forward. Nancy also gave me some practical ideas on how to get started for which I was very grateful.”
~Marie M., Taos, N.M.

“Thank you! The session was very helpful with solid guidance for the year to come.”
~Ann S., Denver, CO

“Life can sometimes be so fast-paced, that we lose focus of what really inspires us to move through life through love and purpose. For me, my life was in need of a moment of clarity. I was feeling stuck, and what I was doing in my life, was not necessarily what I was feeling compelled to do. I felt an inner yearning for something else, and it felt as if my spirit and current way of life were in conflict with each other. Nancy was able to give me validation to my feelings and permission to live what I was internally being called to do. She reviewed my life’s journey up until the present, and touched upon key moments in my life, where key events occurred and it reminded me that all is on purpose. She opened my eyes to the life energy that I am, which allowed me to make sense of this feeling of being “stuck”. I was stuck because what my spirit needs, which is a sense of freedom, I was not allowing myself to have. She gave me permission to live my life…and live it with no apologies…for this is who I am and this is what I need in this life. She reminded me that life is the ultimate playground, in which we are meant to experience. She reassured me that I can create the life I want, and that I can transcend any obstacles and or old belief patterns that I have been holding on to. She gave me the permission to feel, to live, to experience, to say “YES”, as well as the confidence to step into a new found personal confidence. She gave me the tools on how to do this…and the reading now serves as a reminder to take steps into living the life that I ultimately crave. She was able to help me understand things about myself and gave me the answers as to why I feel things the way I do. I now have been reminded that is okay to do what I feel, to take a chance on myself…to trust life. It really did change my life…I am incredibly grateful.”
~J.Jarnot,, Westminster, CO

“My session with Nancy was extremely enlightening. I had almost every emotion go through my body as we had our discussion. She told me things that I knew about myself, but was scared to admit or say out loud. After our session, I felt a sense of relief and power. I wanted to embrace my future instead of making up reasons for holding myself back. I look forward to working to a happier me. Thank you, Nancy!”
~Lauren B., Arlington, VA
“Spending time with Nancy and learning how important it is for me to bring out the intuitive and healing part of myself has been very uplifting for me. I had some things buried as a result of events that happened many years ago and Nancy has helped me to face them and to reestablish what I have had hidden, so that I can help myself and others. Healing has always been something I have wanted to help others with, but never looked at it in this way.Thank you Nancy for helping me to reopen my vision; I so appreciate you.”
~Candace O., Shelburne, Ontario
“Readings are just a confirmation of intuitive feelings I’ve glimpsed within myself. Nancy has the ability to tap into that energy surrounding me – even though we are miles apart – a Gift few people ‘own’. She is easily recommendable because Nancy has opened up her Heart Fully to this Process. I found her a gentle soul. Our task is but to open our minds & hearts to see or hear what we already know but needed to be reminded of. In this way I found evidence that my intuition is grounded & well founded. Thanks Nancy and I look forward to connecting with you again.”
~Dory H., Frederick, MD

“Thanks Nancy. Your talent was instrumental in guiding me in discovering my life’s purpose and I thank you for this. I’m learning so much every day and having so many aha moments.”
~Deb C., Ontario


“Friday the 13th doesn’t seem so unlucky for me today after talking with you. Often times I feel that I stray from the path that I am intended to be on…or that I have an empty “what if” feeling that I can’t seem to put my emotions or heart around….Thank you for sharing your gift with me. Your ability to channel my soul’s path, gave me insight that I have never realized I had. Your ability to understand “me” and guide me in a very simple understandable direction was eye opening. The way you were able to explain my purpose and my role in this life was insightful and inspirational. I know others will benefit with the understanding of “who I am!”
~Maureen G., Herndon, VA

“In several enlightening sessions over the past couple of years, Nancy has greatly assisted my understanding of my own life challenges and adventures, most particularly, remarkably and, I believe, authentically, through her friendly, relaxed gift of connection with Source energy / beings, existing in a higher plane than our Earthly dimension. “The guys,” as I jokingly call them, present themselves through her as trusted friends, mentors and colleagues assisting her work, to help others understand, thrive, enjoy and serve (love, really) to the maximum extent possible in this life. Nancy is so open and lovingly transparent in this work that she nearly disappears as an individual when working directly with the Source beings; although Nancy began her intuitive practice with clients through this Source communication, as she herself develops as an intuitive and enabler for others, it is only natural that she will bring additional insights, tools, methods and modalities to her sessions. I will work with Nancy every chance I get.”
~Brad T., Los Angeles, CA

“Thank you for sharing your talents with me and helping to give me direction and clarity about my purpose in life. Thank you for helping me see what is holding me back from achieving my goals. Since our session, I’ve found a fresh perspective on my life and the relationships I have with others. Your warm, soothing voice made it easy for me to open up to you and to accept your suggestions.”
~Tori D., Raleigh, NC

 “I loved my session with Nancy! I had been stuck and sad feeling as if I could do so much more. I knew I had gifts but was unsure of which to focus on, unsure of where to go. This focused session was empowering and exciting. I even spent the last 30 minutes before my kids returned home from school meditating. I’m ready to soar! Thank you for being that catalyst in my life Nancy! I am so grateful for you!”
~Kelly G., Longmont, CO
“The time with you was such an amazing time for me…I am still processing all of it and taking incremental steps toward my personal spiritual practice. I am delighted to be reaffirmed that I have my own special place in “the mystical” :) I am so grateful for your gift of discernment and the information that you shared with me. I will keep you informed of my progress and celebrate my wins with someone I know truly appreciates the path I am on! Thank you so much, Nancy! I feel so very blessed. ♥ Much love to you for your tremendous gift.”
~Bryn S., Prescott, AZ

 “I had a wonderful experience the other night during our session. It was incredibly informative as well as enlightening. I have already put some new things in my life in motion based on our conversation. I am feeling rejuvenated and looking forward to implementing a new direction to my life. Even though it’s just been a few days I am already feeling the results of opening my heart and am feeling really good doing it. I have signed up for a yoga class and the possibilities are endless. Thank you so much for your kindness. I am truly grateful.”
~Maggie D., St. Louis, MO

“Within the first 30 seconds of my reading with Nancy, I felt myself becoming emotional. She explained, and I completely agreed, that I could feel that she was about to describe me to the core in a way that hadn’t been done before. What I love most about this experience is the deeper understanding that I gained about myself within just one hour. Now it is up to me to use this new and deeper understanding in a way that serves me and my goals in life.”
~Lauren G., Arlington, VA