Career & Life Purpose Readings

Career & Life Purpose Readings

Find out what you really come here to do!

Let’s get you expressing your true, authentic self in the work world. We will follow a proven, structured method to help you get clear about your path. We’ll utilize your numerology, astrology, and personal year cycles as well as other techniques and exercises to help you gain self-understanding, self-acceptance and clarity about your unique path. In case you aren’t familiar with numerology, it dates back to Pythagoras. He theorized that when you “digit down” the numbers in your birth date to one numeral, you can learn about a person’s life path and lessons just from the vibration of the number.

It’s crazy, but it works!

Insights via Nancy’s intuition and channeling are always shared. We’ll talk about tapping into your own inner guidance system. We will create an action plan of careers to investigate appropriate to your path. Nancy is a certified “I See Your Dream Job” Intuitive Coach, having trained with one of the leaders in the field of career and life purpose.

You weren’t meant to suffer at a job you hate. Get into the magical flow of life and love what you do.


Sessions are always conducted over the phone or skype, so that you can be comfortable in the privacy of your own home.

Sessions are recorded and sent to you in both an mp3 downloadable version for offline listening, iPod transfer or burning to a CD as well as a link to listen to streaming audio directly on your computer.

Sessions are one-hour and cost $75. This fee covers the session and the time that Nancy spends preparing for the session.

Please note that all sessions are scheduled in MST (Denver).

Please email Nancy to schedule your appointment.

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