Aura Photography

Aura Photography in Denver/Boulder Colorado

Getting your aura picture taken is a fun and enlightening experience. Every color has unique qualities and purposes. No color is better then another. Also, as you change, your aura will change too because it is a measure of the vibrational frequency of your body.

You will learn about your energy, and the energy of others, which accelerates deeper self-understanding, cooperation and collaboration. Use the information received from the photograph to transform your life for the better.

Booking an Aura Photography event or private party is easy. Email Nancy at or call 303-519-0355 to book your event in the Boulder/Denver/Longmont Colorado region.

What will your colors tell?

Aura photos of the human electromagnetic field:











The colors in your aura photograph may indicate the following:

Red: Power, vitality, the urge to win and be successful, high energy, leadership, strong-willed, action, competition, the survival instinct and a sense of adventure.

Orange: Creativity, emotional, artistic,sensitive, sociable, confidence, ability to relate to to others in an open manner, sensitivity, personal expression and expansiveness.

Yellow: Enthusiastic, sunny, cheerful, fun, bright, sense of humor, warmth, happiness, relaxation, warmth, hope and expectation, encouragement, and inspiration.

Green: Healing, growth or change, renewal, patience, firmness, sense of responsibility, calming, abundance, deep focus, puts high value on career and personal attainment.

Blue: Communication, genuine, emotional health, genuine, faith and trust, emphasis on personal relationships, need for calm and tranquil environment, spiritual seekers.

Violet: Dreamers, visionaries, magical, psychic and mediumship, spacey, easily connect with higher planes of consciousness, wish to charm and delight others.

White: Spiritually motivated, open and receptive to a higher power, inner illumination, cosmic wisdom, not very concerned with worldly matters or ambitions.

Aura Camera Event Ideas

  • Private Parties, such as birthdays, anniversaries and wedding showers
  • Corporate Events, such as Sales Meetings, Continuing Education, Team Building
  • Weddings
  • Healing Proof; before and after implementation of a healing modality
  • Alternative Health Care facility open houses
  • Fund Raisers
  • Book Store Events
  • Metaphysical Fairs and Events
  • General Fairs
  • Individual Consultations

There are many ways that people benefit from the wealth of information that is gained from Aura Photos.

To speak with Nancy McCleary directly, and to learn more about her work, pricing and booking the camera for an event, please call 303-519-0355 or send an email to