You Are Loved!

You are loved by the Universe more than you can even imagine in this moment. You are special. You are sacred. Take very good care of yourself because your soul is precious.
Love is the essence of who you are. Remember that as you go about your day. Can you “be” love today?

Find beauty in as many things as you can today. Try it- it’s a practice and soon you will see beauty more and more often.

Take a moment today to thank Spirit, your guides and your angels. Let them know you are aware of them. Gratitude is a peaceful and loving vibration to reside in.

Use your imagination. That’s a gift from God. It’s proof that we are co-creators with the incredible power of the Universe.

Make eye contact with someone today and hold it a bit. You will see into their soul. Don’t we all long for that deep connection?

Give. Be conscious of giving something today, whether it is a smile or a helping hand.

And remember, you are loved beyond measure.gratitude lotus