3 Tips to Help You with Your Meditation Practice

3 Tips to help you with meditation

1) Do a brain dump!

Keep a notebook near you where you meditate and just before you begin, take a few moments to get the thoughts that are keeping you from having a still mind out of you and onto the paper. Write 3 pages worth! Get it out! Release the chatter! It won’t take long and your mind will be much clearer and you will have fewer random thoughts during your meditation. Keep in mind, your meditation practice is just that; a practice. You will get more and more comfortable and adept as you go. Julia Cameron, Author of The Artist’s Way suggests writing 3 “morning pages” as a way to open to creativity, but I find that it works beautifully for settling the mind down for meditation.

2) Create a Sacred Space for your Meditation Practice

You, your mind, and the divine will all understand your intention of accessing the peaceful, loving, calm energy of Spirit. By having a physical space dedicated to connecting to All That Is, you can be sure that your meditation will go more smoothly and you will begin to feel the positive results of having a meditation practice. I have created an altar that I sit in front of each morning. On it, I have my angels, and all of the other items that are important to me for my meditation practice. You might have crystals, candles or pictures /statues of Jesus or Buddha.

3) Be Consistent

Make the decision that you will make meditation a part of your day, every day. Start with 5-10 minutes. I think most people set their expectations so high that they can’t ever really commit to a meditation practice. Do not expect to never have a random thought as you sit in the lotus position for 45 minutes! It’s unrealistic and you are setting yourself up for disappointment.

So be easy on yourself. Remember that the intention is to access Love. It’s what Spirit and YOU are all about!