Passion and Purpose

When we discover our life purpose and we make the choices to live that purpose, we soon find that living passionately and in the flow of life is our natural way of being. The right people miraculously show up in our lives, a book that will help us mysteriously falls off of a shelf as we are perusing the book store, and life takes on a seemingly effortless flow. We all have a fulfilling purpose and when we do uncover it, our life becomes filled with passion and joy.
Pythagorus, a Greek mystic and scholar, developed a formula that helps us to see our path and purpose. Around 580 B.C., Pythagorus taught that if we reduce the digits in our birth date down to the single digits 1-9, the energetic vibration of that digit would provide us with information that would guide us to our Life’s Work. He also taught that there are “master soul” vibrations; the numbers 11, 22 and 33 which are not reduced down to a single digit.
Amazingly, his work is still valid today in our quest for finding our purpose.
So how can numerology help you? For example, if you are on a birth path 1, then you would contribute to uplifting the energy on the planet and feel fulfilled by using your leadership skills and using your visionary ideas to better the world. You are not meant to be a follower. If you are on an 8 birth path, you are here to experience wealth, abundance and power in a big way when you find that empowering others is your motivation, rather than using these experiences for selfish gains. A 6 birth path is here to bring peace and harmony through heart-opening, healing work. You might do this through the arts, design or as someone in a healing profession.
Your Sun Sign provides more information about your purpose. Knowing the traits of your Sun Sign will help you see how it colors the purpose set forth in your numerology. For example, If you are a master soul 11 birth path born under the sign of Taurus, you will bring earthly, grounded practicality to your intuitive healing work. If however, you color your 11 birth path with a Pisces Sun Sign, your intuition and sensitivity will mean your healing work will have channels to the divine. Master soul birth paths 11, 22 and 33 are here to uplift and evolve the consciousness of the planet.
You can live on purpose so easily when you know your purpose, and passion will feel like second nature. Utilizing numerology and astrology will help to answer “what is my purpose and what am I here to do?” As the truth of your purpose unfolds, you will feel it deeply in your core, and a passionate and fulfilling life will be yours for the manifesting.