3 Timeless Tips to Re-ignite Your Passion for Life

You Can Re-ignite Your Passion for Life

Time takes its toll and we lose the fire that burns within us; the passion that once had us bounding out of bed every day has become little more than the flame on a matchstick. If we are willing to fan some oxygen onto that little flame, we’ll have it burning brightly again in no time.

Here are several steps that will not only re-ignite your passion for life, but will inspire others to check their own inner light and live more passionately.

1) Know Thyself.

Simple as it sounds, taking the time to know yourself on a deep level allows you to understand and tap into your passions. Explore your gifts and talents. Do more of the things that cause you to lose track of time- that is when you are in the “zone” and passions ignite. You do not need anyone else’s permission to spend your time in this zone. Take advantage of self-exploration modalities such as numerology and astrology. You’ll be surprised how much they reveal. There is an enormous amount of value in knowing your true nature and if you have committed to this exploration, you will be burning a brighter flame in no time.

2) Think Outside of Yourself

As we look for ways to serve others and offer our gifts to the world, we can’t help but have passion in our lives. One of the most effective ways to be excited about your day, is to know that what you are doing will help another. Giving our gifts is not draining and allows us to feel energized. It is expansive and full of life-affirming energy.

3) Heal

Let go of emotional wounds. They zap our energy and holding onto these wounds does not serve you or others. We may feel that holding on is justified and we are getting something from it, but the truth is, gripping negative experiences and emotions tightly, holds us back from experiencing passion in our lives. Seek out help to shift this. There are many techniques that one may use to heal. Find one that resonates with you. The important thing is to begin the journey of healing.

Tap into your true essence and find your passion. It’s a beautiful journey worth taking.