Pure, personalized channeled guidance from a collection of ____ filled with

practical insights, clarity & wisdom, just for you.

It may feel unfamiliar or unusual to consider channeled guidance for answers, or to feel better. Yet, the clear, pure guidance of the information that will come through for you during a reading provides relief that isn’t usually found by talking with a friend, spouse, family member or traditional counselor. If you long for a truly pure source of love and wisdom that will accept you as you are, you’ve come to the right place. There is only love for you during the readings, and you will be reminded of your connection to your spiritual nature.
Here’s my promise to you about our reading together:
  • All readings are completely confidential
  • You are free to be you and ask about anything
  • Our reading will be a safe space for you, where there is no judgement, only unconditional love
  • You will be listened too, heard and understood
  • You will receive egoless guidance, as this information is coming through me, not from me
What will the reading experience be like?
All readings take place over the phone, as the connection between all involved in the reading occurs regardless of physical location (this is called non-local reality). As we begin our reading, I will ask that we enter into a vibration of gratitude for the information that will come through for you. I will begin meditative breathing and enter into a state in which I am open to receiving the channeled information for you. Most often, there is an introduction from the collection of _____ that is being channeled. This is always kind and encouraging. Then “they” usually ask a question such as “where would you like to begin?” and this is your cue to ask your questions. This is guidance, with practical steps to move you forward in your life journey. This is not “crystal ball psychic answers” that typically have nothing to do with your personal growth or increased awareness level.
Readings are one hour in length and can be recorded if requested.
If you have questions about readings, please email me through the contact page.